What Is AC and CE Full Form on a Calculator?


AC and CE Full Form on a Calculator

AC Full Form in Calculator

AC stands for All Clear. AC clears the calculator and resets any functions. This clears the calculator and resets all functions. The memory has to be cleared by pressing after the AC Key.

AC Full Form on Calculator

AC Full Form in Calculator : All Clear

AC = all cancel, which basically means that all entries you have made up till the point of pressing the AC button, will get cancelled. In cheaper versions of calculators, this will most probably delete all the entries you have till then.

CE Full Form in Calculator

CE, which is seen in some calculators, stands for Clear Entry which erases the last entry you have keyed in.

CE Full Form in Calculator : Clear Entry

CE Full Form on Calculator

CE Full Form on a Calculator is cancel entry, which cancels the last entry of yours – in case you have made a mistake in the last number, or pressing the wrong key for addition, subtraction – it cancels the last, previous entry.

  • CE = Clear Entry. It clears only the current entry.
  • CC = Clear Content. Clears everything (except independent memory M+).
  • AC = All Clear. Same as CC.
  • C = Some calculators write C instead of CC.
  • M- = Clears value stored in independent memory (M+).

Example :- If you are doing a calculation 10+20+30+40+50, and you’ve typed 10+20+30+40, now if you press CE, only last entered value 40 will be deleted, 10+20+30 (=60) will be in memory, you can enter +70= you’ll get 130.

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But if you press CC at that point instead of CE, everything will be cleared, the calculator will show 0 only.

However, in costlier calculators, if you have stored any numbers in the memory; it will remain there till you press – RM -; in which case you will have to delete this, also, in case you do need it.

I hope I was able to clear the difference.

 Difference Between ‘C’ and ‘CE’ Functions on Calculator

Both buttons are a way to erase or clear an entry. The CE (Clear Entry) button clears the most recent entry while the C (Clear) button will clear all input to the calculator.

All of us have been using physical calculators right from our childhood. Each function or button, as it is commonly called, carries a unique functionality which is quite vivid.

However, there are two such functions on the calculator that appear quite similar as they are displayed but carry a subtle difference in functionality which very few are aware of.

Yes, you got it right. The C and CE are the only two functions on a calculator that can create a bit of confusion while they are being operated.

Both buttons are a way to erase or clear an entry. The CE (Clear Entry) button clears the most recent entry while the C (Clear) button will clear all input to the calculator.

So, if you are typing a long computation and make a mistake, press the CE button as it will delete just the last digit.

On the other hand, if you are willing to clear the entire computation, simply press the C button.

both buttons are a way to clear or cancel an entry. The C button will clear all input to the calculator. The CE button clears the most recent entry, so if you make a mistake in a long computation, you don’t need to start all over again.

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Sometimes there is also AC in the place of C, comes from the English “All Cancel”

Some other Calculator keys

M+, M- Function on Calculator

  • MC = Memory Clear.
  • M+ = Memory Plus.
  • M- = Memory Minus.

MC Function on Calculator

  • MR = Memory Recall.
  • √x = Square Root
  • +/- = is used with Negative Numbers.

+/-, √ function on Calculator

Understand by Example

100 bags of sugar came to the warehouse. Price of sugar per kg: Rs.10. Apart from this, 20 sacks of Arhar dal arrived. Price of pulses: Rs.40 per kg. Chana has arrived in 50 bags. Gram is 20 rupees a kg. Now the total cost of sugar, pulses and gram has to be calculated.

So till today it used to be thought that first find out the total cost of sugar. Write on the copy. Then take out the lentils, write somewhere. Then after taking out the total price of gram, it should be plus with the prices of the other two. But this m+ is only for saving copy.

So the overall function of this button is that you don’t have to write different calculations. He will keep it in the calculator’s own m for memory. Then put where you want to add or subtract. In this case, if you want to calculate the total cost without copying, then write:


Finally press MR (memory recall). And, the calculator will remember everything and the answer will be 2800.

The work of M- comes at the time of subtraction. And, mc does the work of erasing memory.

The rest of the √X ones are the same for the square root. Write 2 and pre

ss √x, so it will be 1.414.

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+/- is used with negative numbers.

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