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STF Full Form

Hello friends, often you must have heard the name of STF in the news.  But friends, do you know what this STF is?  Or what does STF mean?  And what is the full form of STF (STF Full Form)?

If not, then friends, to get information about STF, you can read our article STF Full Form and in today’s article we will give information about STF, what is STF?  Or what is the meaning of STF?  And what is the full form of STF (STF Full Form)?

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on the nitin tech.com. Are you also looking for information about STF (STF Full Form) on the Internet?  If yes then today through this article we will tell you About this topic, What is STF?  Or what is the full form of STF? By reading this post you will be able to know About STF Full Form.

What does STF mean?

So friends, first of all tell you that the full form of STF is Special Task Force.

STF Full Form: Special Task Force

STF Full Form : Special Task Force

What is this Special Task Force (STF)

Special Task Force (STF) is a unit of Police whose objective is to take action against all the gangs that are active under the state and to prevent them.

The work of STF is to take action against all the dacoity gangs, organized crime, mafia gangs etc. under any state with the cooperation of the district police, And outside the state they have to arrest and stop them with the help of the local police of other states. Officers / employees are appointed in the Special Task Force from the Police Department itself.

Special Task Force (STF) is a security force that comes under the state government. This is a very special unit of the police department.  This unit is formed by the police to carry out special tasks.

To maintain the internal security of the country, the police department is considered to be the most important organ. The job of the police is not only to catch criminals and put them in jail, but it is also the responsibility of running the law and order smoothly. There are Traffic police to handle the road and transport system, police stations to listen to the problems of the general public, while ‘Special Task Force’ works to arrest the criminals.

India is a very big country, and for this reason, there are a lot of crime cases here, that’s why STF has been formed to prevent any kind of crime. In India, each state has the power to constitute a Special Task Force (STF) to deal with certain problems. The work of STF is to take action on the criminal activities happening in your state. It works under the state government.

When was the STF (Special Task Force) started?

The states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka first set up such special task forces in the 1980s to combat the ivory poacher Veerappan. Veerappan was killed by the army in 2004 with Operation Cocoon, In the late 1980s, such a force was also formed to counter insurgency in Punjab.

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The Special Task Force (STF) in India was formed on 4 May 1998 in Lucknow. During this, the Uttar Pradesh Police had formed this Special Police Force to stop the increasing crime in the state.

It is said that the idea of ​​setting up a Special Task Force (STF) in UP came to crack down on the notorious mafia Sri Prakash Shukla. In fact, the mafia leader Sri Prakash Shukla had become a headache for UP Police. In those days Shri Prakash Shukla was a big name in the world of crime. This can be gauged from the fact that once he had taken the contract to kill Kalyan Singh, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

After its formation by the State Police, the crime rate there has been reduced to a great extent. Friends, Uttar Pradesh has been a state where extortion and other illegal activities were at their highest level at some point of time. STF proved to be very successful in catching criminals and controlling crimes in UP. Since then it has been an integral part of the UP Police.

In its short life of about 20 years, UP STF has been awarded more than 81 Police Medals, Gallantry Awards by the Hon’ble President of India and out-of-turn promotions to 60 officers for acts of conspicuous gallantry.

Functions / Objectives of STF (Special Task Force)

Special Task Force / STF

The main function of STF (Special Task Force) is to provide important information to the police department for any special task. Neutralizing criminal or criminal networks and keeping an eye on anti-terrorist activities is also the main task of this force. Every state police of the country has a Special Task Force (STF).

The most important task of the Special Task Force (STF) is to collect complete and solid information against the mafia gang.

After this, taking immediate and decisive action on the basis of information against all the mafia gangs operating in the state.

Along with this, the second most important task of STF is to take quick action against ISI Agents.

Apart from this, by establishing harmony and coordination with the Honorable District Police of the state, eliminating all the mafia gangs operating within the state is also considered as the fundamental goal of STF.

Along with this, STF is especially known for quick action on dacoits and inter-state gangs, and this is their first’target.

Here we would like to tell for your information that earlier the work of STF also included action against the terrorist activities of ISI Agents under the state. But ever since the ATS (Anti-Terror Squad) was formed, since then the task of taking action against terrorist activities has gone to ATS. Now STF is a dedicated organization only for action against mafia gangs, dacoity gangs, organized crime gangs etc.

How is STF (Special Task Force) Formed?

Now let us tell you how STF is formed. So for your information, let us tell you that the appointment of the Special Task Force is specially done by the police officer of the rank of Director General of the state, in which the Inspector General of Police helps him prominently. Along with this, many officers of the police department are working in it.

How does STF (Special Task Force) Work?

Let us tell you here that STF (Special Task Force) works in many ways.

स्पेशल टास्क फोर्स

STF (Special Task Force) are formed to deal with different problems, which are terminated with the achievement of their goal, that is why STF achieve their goal in the form of many teams.

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Along with this, each team of STF is given guidelines by the Additional SP. Along with this, IG rank officers also monitor them.

Apart from this, SSP is made in-charge for all the works of STF and he makes plans to execute any operation.

If for some reason the STF has to conduct an operation in a state other than its own, then first the STF has to inform the police of that state, after which the police officers of both the states together complete the operation.

Apart from this, let us tell you that STF is given more power than the police force.  Along with this, many times instructions are given directly from the ministry for their work.

So friends, in the above article, we have given you the information about full form of STF (STF Full Form) : Special Task Force. now further in this article, we will tell you about some other full forms of STF term according to different fields. 

Other STF Full Form 

STF Full Form in WWE Fight : Stepover Toehold Facelock

Stepover Toehold Facelock (STF)

The “Stepover Toehold Facelock” is a step in WWE Fight that is performed on an opponent who is lying face down on the mat. In this the wrestler grabs hold of one of the opponent’s legs and places the opponent’s ankle between their thighs. And then the wrestler lies down on top of the opponent’s back and closes their arms around the opponent’s head.

STF Full Form in Text / Facebook / Whatsapp / Instagram / Social Media : “Shut the F*ck”

Shut The F*ck in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. is a way of saying that someone should shut up, but in a more aggressive way.

However, it is more likely a typing mistake, as the actual acronym is STFU or “shut the f*ck up”.

STF Full Form in Medical : Short-Time Fasting

Short-time fasting means that you eat for a part of the day and for the rest of the day, usually about 14 hours, you do not eat. Short-time fasting is one way to lose weight. In this method, you do not have breakfast in the morning, after that you take lunch well. And at night you have a very light dinner.

STF Full Form in Gaming : Storm the Front (Gaming Clan)

Some Other STF Full Form

TermFull Form
STFSilence the Fall
STFSpecial Tactical Force
STFSearch the Forum
STFShrink to Fit
STFSecond to Find
STFStep-Over Toe-Hold Face-Lock
STFSupport the Future
STFSteal This Film
STFStorming the Floor (college basketball website)

FAQ About STF Full Form 

Q. STF का Full Form क्या है? What is STF Full Form?

Ans : STF की Full Form होता है Special Task Force
STF Full Form : Special Task Forceएसटीएफ फुल फॉर्म इन हिंदी : स्पेशल टास्क फोर्स
Special Task Force (STF) Police की एक Unit या इकाई है जिसका उद्देश्य राज्य के अंतर्गत जितने भी गैंग सक्रिय होते है उनके खिलाफ कार्यवाही करना तथा उनकी रोकथाम करना है।

वहीं WWE Fight में STF का मतलब होता है Stepover Toehold Facelock
STF Full Form in WWE Fight : Stepover Toehold Facelock
Stepover Toehold Facelock” WWE Fight में एक स्टेप होता है यह होल्ड एक प्रतिद्वंद्वी पर किया जाता है जो मैट पर औंधे मुंह लेटा होता है।

वहीं सोशल मीडिया जैसे फेसबुक, व्हाट्सएप, इंस्टाग्राम, आदि में STF का मतलब होता है Shut The F*ck

सोशल मीडिया जैसे फेसबुक, व्हाट्सएप, इंस्टाग्राम, आदि में Shut The F*ck यह कहने का एक तरीका है कि किसी को चुप रहना चाहिए, लेकिन अधिक आक्रामक तरीके से।
इसी तरह मेडिकल के क्षेत्र में STF का मतलब होता है Short-Time Fasting.Short-Time Fasting वजन कम करने का एक तरीका है।

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Q. भारतीय पुलिस में Special Task Force (STF) क्या होता है?

Ans : Special Task Force (STF) Police की एक Unit या इकाई है जिसका उद्देश्य राज्य के अंतर्गत जितने भी गैंग सक्रिय होते है उनके खिलाफ कार्यवाही करना तथा उनकी रोकथाम करना है। STF राज्य के अंतर्गत जितने भी डकैती गैंग, संगठित अपराध, माफिया गैंग इत्यादि होते है उनको जिला पुलिस के सहयोग से उनके विरूद्ध कार्यवाही करना है, तथा राज्य के बाहर आने राज्यों की स्थानीय पुलिस के सहयोग से उनकी धरपकड़ करना तथा उनकी रोकथाम करना है। Special Task Force में Police विभाग से ही अधिकारी/ कर्मचारी नियुक्त किये जाते है।

Q. Special Task Force (STF) का गठन कौन करता है?

Ans : Special Task Force (STF) का गठन पुलिस महानिदेशक द्वारा किया जाता है। इसके बाद इनके ऑपरेशन के लिए एसएसपी को प्रभारी बनाया जाता है।

Q . Special Task Force / एसटीएफ को दिशा-निर्देश कौन देता है?

Ans : Special Task Force / एसटीएफ को एडिशनल एसपी द्वारा दिशा निर्देश दिए जाते हैं। इसके साथ ही कई बार इसे सीधे मंत्रालय से भी निर्देश मिलते हैं। साथ ही इनके पास पुलिस के मुकाबले कुछ ज्यादा पॉवर होती हैं।

So friends, in the above article, we have given you the meaning of STF (STF Full Form): Special Task Force and apart from this, we have given information about different Full Forms of STF in different fields.

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