What is MSCIT Full Form? What is the full form of MSCIT?  Learn important things about MSCIT…


MSCIT Full Form

Friends, have you ever heard the word MSCIT? Or do you know what is MSCIT? What is the Full Form of MSCIT?

Hello friends, welcome to all of you on the nitin tech.com.  Are you also looking for MSCIT Full Form on the internet? If yes then today through this article I will tell you what is MSCIT? What is the Full Form of MSCIT? By reading this post you will be able to know About What is MSCIT?  (MSCIT Full Form)

What is MSCIT?


So friends, first of all tell you that what is this MSCIT after all?  Actually this is a computer course conducted by the state government of Maharashtra state.

If you live in Maharashtra, then you must know about MSCIT, because this course is being done a lot in Maharashtra. That’s why if you live in Maharashtra and want to increase your knowledge in computer field then you can do this course.  But before doing this course you need to know about this course.

So friends, now let us tell you what is the full form of MSCIT?  Friends MSCIT Full Form is “Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology” 

MSCIT Full Form : Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology

MSCIT Full Form : Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology

Friends, as you have been told above that MSCIT i.e. Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology is a type of computer course.  This course educates you in the field of Information Technology.

This course was started in the year 2001 by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL).  

MKCL is a Public Limited Company controlled by the Department of Higher and Technical Education, Government of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

MSCIT Course is one of the most popular IT courses in Maharashtra. In MSCIT Course, you are taught in detail about Computer and Information Technology by Certified Professional.

In MSCIT Course you are given practically hands on practice by ERA (eLearning Revolution).

This is a very famous course in the IT industry in the state of Maharashtra. Till now more than 90 lakh people have got computer education by doing this course. However, initially the MSCIT course was also pursued by students simply because it was necessary for government jobs.

But with the changing times, there has been a big change in the syllabus of this course.  MSCIT course has now become necessary for the students who want proficiency in computer for daily computer work or even for job.

MSCIT Course Objective

As you all know today’s era is digital era.  In today’s time, almost every work whether sending money to someone or doing online shopping, sending email, sending any document or image or video, making PAN or Aadhar card, recharging mobile, applying for a job, making Resume  Be it making presentations, managing data, all the work has started being done online.  Moreover, nowadays money can also be earned online.

So in such a situation, you should have general knowledge related to all types of software and technology.  MSCIT Course has been created with this purpose where you are given information related to computer (software and information technology) so that you too can do all kinds of work online.

MSCIT Course Syllabus

MSCIT Course is for people of different ages from where they can get digital education.  From a student to a job profession or even an elderly person can learn computer skills by participating in this course.

More than 200 skills can be learned from the content given in MSCIT Course, out of which information about major skills is given below.

mscit course full form

Typing Skills :- In MSCIT Course, you are trained in scientific methods to type fast without making mistakes in English, Hindi and Marathi.  With which you can learn the skill of typing fast without looking at the keyboard on the computer.

21st Century Job Skills :- In the 21st century, machines are successfully doing many human tasks.  So to do your tasks in office or work place more quickly and effectively, you get to know about Office Automation Tools.

21st Century Daily Life Skills Websites and Apps :- Learning to use different types of applications and websites available on the internet to increase your productivity and make life easier.

21st Century Citizenship Skills :- MSCIT Course gives that skill to older people so that they can get information about various types of services and schemes run by the government.

21st Century Study Skills :- In the 21st century, Google, YouTube, Facebook etc. have changed the way of getting information.  How can you, as a student, use the internet for better education?  That skill is what MSCIT gives you.

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IT Concepts and General Awareness :- Everyday new inventions and discoveries are happening in the field of Information Technology (IT). So if you want to make a career in the field of IT, then from here you can start learning the appropriate skills.

Go Green :- Gadgets like Computer, Mobile have become an essential part of our life today.  But how an eco-friendly environment can be created using them, this information is also given in the MSCIT course.

Netiquettes :- In the cyber world, how you can increase your reputation by behaving well on the Internet, that skill is also taught to you in this course.

Cyber Security Skills :- If you are using the internet, then the possibilities of risk also remain, so you also get the information about Cyber ​​Security and Safety Tips in this course.

Duration of MSCIT Course

According to the syllabus of the course, its duration is divided in terms of hours which are as follows –

  • eLearning of Classroom Content : 50 Hours (1 Hour Per Day)
  • eLearning of Lab Content on Computer and Smart phone : 50 Hours (1 Hour Per Day)
  • Book Reading, Self-Study, Revision and Practice 44 Hours

In this way, if the total of this time is calculated, then the total duration of this course is 144 hours.

MSCIT course details?

ms-cit full form

You have two options to do MSCIT Course.  You can do this course either to increase your computer knowledge (IT Awareness).  Or you can apply in this course to do a job.

Let’s talk about IT Awareness first

MSCIT IT Awareness Mode

People falling under the following categories can participate in the IT Awareness course :-

  • school students
  •  teachers
  • government and semi government employees
  • House wife
  • Senior Citizen
  • Or the person who is willing to get some basic information in the field of computer.
MSCIT IT Awareness Mode Syllabus

If you are a school student then IT Awareness MS-CIT Course will be best for you.

There will be a total of 50 sessions in this mode, in which the following subjects will be taught.

Session 01-05 : In these sessions, students are told about basic computer information and computer games.

Session 06 to 40 : In the second session, students are given information about office skills which also helps them in performing their daily life activities.

Session 41 to 50 : Some effective modules are given in the third and last session.  In which you are given information related to basic programming from the beginning to basic freelancing tasks.

After the subjects taught in these sessions, at the end of the course you are asked questions related to Basic Office Skills and assignments are also made.

Apart from this, in the MSCIT course, students are given some topics as additional subjects to get in-depth information related to any topic.  The student can learn and understand any topic in detail as per his wish.

Optional Subjects of MSCIT Course in IT Awareness Mode

  • Basics of Programming
  • Photo Retouching and Editing
  • Photo Background Remover
  • World of Graphic Design
  • Certificate Designer
  • Newspaper Advertisement Designer
  • Business Card Designer
  • Corporate Gift: T-Shirt Designer / Mug Designer
  • Social Media Promotional Creatives
  • Brochure Designer
  • Job Readiness

If you want to get the necessary skills in the computer field to prepare for the job.  So you can choose another mode (Job Readiness Mode) of MSCIT. This course can be done by any person who wants to get a government or private job.

Who can do Job Readiness Mode Course of MSCIT?

  • If you are already a working person
  • Or those looking for their first job.
  • Apart from this, students preparing for competitive exams and
  • those who want to enhance their skills and get their promotion in the job.
  • Or those people who want to start freelancing should do this Job Readiness MS-CIT Course.

A total of 50 sessions will be conducted in this course.  In which information on the following topics will be available in the form of theory and practical under each session.

Sessions 01 to 05 : The first session focuses on the basic information related to getting a job.  In which understanding Job Readiness, seeing employment opportunities in various fields and information about Job Roles, Job Readiness Toolkit etc. will be available.

Session 06 to 40 : In this session, all the necessary office skills and skills which are useful in our daily life are given to the students to get the job.

Session 41 to 50 : The 10 modules given in the third session give information about various sectors to get a job.

After the completion of the course, questions related to office skills are asked in the exam.

Apart from this, in the Job Readiness Mode of MSCIT, students are given some topics as an additional subject to get in-depth information related to any topic.  In which the student can learn and understand any topic in detail as per his wish.

Optional Subjects of Job Readiness Mode of MSCIT Course
  • Book Cover Designer
  • Excel Template Designer
  • Photo Retouching and Editing
  • Data Organiser in Excel
  • Photo Background Remover
  • Excel Workbook Manager
  • Corporate Gift : T-Shirt Designer / Mug Designer
  • Basic Dashboard Creator in Excel
  • Business Card Designer
  • Data Analyzer in Excel using Pivot Table
  • Chart Creator in Excel
  • Basic Financial Analyzer in Excel
  • Scenario Manager in Excel
  • Excel Form Creator
  • Brochure Designer
  • Digital Tracing (Vector)
  • Certificate Designer
  • Wedding Invitation Designer
  • Social Media Promotional’ s Designer and Marketer
  • Flyer Designer
  • Corporate Gift : Mug Designer
  • Corporate Event Invitation Card Designer
  • Web Banner Designer
  • Magazine Cover Designer
  • Slideshows & Promo Videos Creator
  • Poster Designer
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Newspaper Advertisement Designer
  • Web Design Assistant (Wix)
  • World of Graphic Design
  • Social Media Promotional Creatives
  • Basics of Programming
  • SCRATCH Programming (Basics)
  • 3D Modelling Product Design
  • 3D UV Texturing and Mapping Artist
  • Studio Lighting
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How to take admission in MSCIT course

You can take admission in MSCIT course in two ways, first online and secondly you can take offline admission by visiting any center.

MS-CIT Online Admission Process / How to take online admission in MSCIT course?

You can become knowledgeable in the field of computer by learning MSCIT course online from home.  Because now MSCIT provides coaching center as well as online teaching facility.  How can you apply for MSCIT’s online course, let’s know step by step process

How to take online admission for MSCIT course?

  • Step 1 :- First of all visit the official website of MSCIT at mkcl.org/join.

mscit official website homepage

  • Step 2 :-After visiting this website, here you will get the information about Online Enrollment, then click on the button of Enroll Now to take online admission from here.
  • Step 3 :- Enter the correct information asked here.
  • Step 4 :- Now a new page will open in front of you, in this page you will have to fill the information given below.
  1. Name :- Your Name
  2. Date of Birth :- Your Date of Birth
  3. Gender :- Here you have to select your gender (gender male or female).
  4. Mobile Number :- Your Mobile Number
  5. Address :- Your full address (including pin code)

Now finally Tick on the check box to accept the Exam Sheet and Terms and Conditions.

  • Step 6 :– Now click on Send OTP button.
  • स्टेप 7 :- After this, an OTP (One Time Password) will come on the mobile number you have filled.  Proceed by entering the OTP in the given column and clicking on the Proceed button.
  • Step 8 :- Now, according to your convenience, choose the appropriate center for yourself from the given list.
  • Step 9 :- Now a new page will open in front of you, here you will get your Inquiry ID.  Now three options are given in front of you, you can choose any of these options.
  • Step 10 :- And then click on the button of Find Center.  After that click on the button of Select A Center, now after checking all the information once again, in the next step you have to pay the payment of the course, then click on the button of Proceed.
  • Step 11:- Now in the next page, you will see Universal Payment System on the screen, then you click on the button of submit, now click on the button of Pay Now.
  • Step 12 :- Now select any online payment mode and make payment.  After making the payment, you will get a Learner Code in the message through which you can access the course by logging into MSCIT’s app.

How to take offline admission by visiting the center of MS-CIT?

  • For this you have to visit MS-CIT Authorized Learning Center (ALC) and take admission for this course.  To locate your nearest MSCIT centre, click here.
  • Applicant has to fill an application form available at MS-CIT Authorized Learning Center (ALC) along with prescribed fee.
  • Photostat copy of photo ID proof, passport size photograph of the student has to be given at the time of admission.
  • Once you submit your details and documents and payment of fees, your details are uploaded by MSCIT Authorized Learning Center (ALC) on MKCL’s software and after uploading applicant’s data Authorized Learning Center (ALC)  Gives the receipt of fees to the applicant.
  • After this the applicant has to verify the online information filled by the ALC.
  • Once the learner has received the study material, the learner can start learning immediately through ERA using his/her User ID and Password.

MSCIT Course Fees

mscit course

If we talk about the fees of MSCIT course, then let us tell you that the fees of this course are different in Maharashtra.  Presently the below mentioned fees are applicable for March 2022 batch of MSCIT.

If you live in Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), then you will have to pay Rs 4500 for this course.  If you want to pay in installment, then you can pay the fees of this course by doing two installments (2350 + 2350).

Same students from other areas of Maharashtra will have to pay Rs 4000 to do this course.  You can also give it in two installments.  You will have to pay 2100 + 2100 rupees in installment.

This fee includes course fee, exam fee and certificate fee.

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These fees are applicable for all modes of MS-CIT Authorized Learning Centers (ALC), MS-CIT Online and MS-CIT Satellite Centres.

MSCIT Course Exam

  • There is an exam of 50 marks in MSCIT Course and it is online.
  • It consists of practical questions of 35 marks and objective questions of 15 marks.
  • Questions of 35 marks are on the topic of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Internet, and MS Windows Operating System and their passing marks are 14.
  • Questions of 15 marks are objective in which 6 out of 15 marks are necessary for passing.
  • Camera recording is installed in the Exam Center, the face of the one who is giving the exam is recorded.  Along with this, there is also a side camera, there are also examiners.
  • Cameras are installed at the exam center to record any kind of wrong behavior i.e. no copying.

MSCIT Exam Result

Immediately after the exam of MS-CIT, you get to see the result and a printout of the result is also given to you, it is called Provisional Certificate.

You get the final certificate after 3 months at your center only.

If someone fails in the exam then there is nothing to worry about.  By paying a fee of around Rs.500, you can give the exam again, that will be after 1 or 2 months.

Do not worry about the fact that it will be written in the certificate that you have cleared the exam in the 2nd attempt, nothing like this is written on the certificate.

That fresh result / certificate is available only, no one will know by looking at your certificate that you have given the exam 2 times.

In which language will the exam be given?

Do not worry about this at all because you can select the language at the time of exam.

When you login, the option comes in front of you that in which language you want to give the exam.

You get Hindi, English, Marathi language options.

FAQ About MSCIT Full Form

Q. What is the Full Form of MSCIT?

Ans : Full form of MSCIT is Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology.

MSCIT Full Form : Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology.

This is a computer course conducted by the state government in the state of Maharashtra.This course educates you in the field of Information Technology.

This course was started in the year 2001 by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL).

Q. What does ERA mean in MSCIT?

Ans : ERA in MSCIT stands for eLearning Revolution for All (ERA).  It was started by MKCL (Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited).

Q. What is ALC in MSCIT?

Ans : ALC in MSCIT means “Authorize Learning Center”. If you want to do MSCIT course by going to an offline center then you have to go to MSCIT’s ALC (Authorized Learning Center).

So friends, in the above article, we have given you detailed information about MSCIT Full Form: Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology.

Hope after reading this article you must have been well understood by “what is MSCIT?”  “What is the Full Form of MSCIT?”  And MSCIT Full Form : Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology (MSCIT) 

Friends, if you have any question related to this field, then you must ask by commenting and also share this post with your friends because knowledge increases by sharing.  Thank you for reading the full article!

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